Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin...32 days until I head to Market

There are now 32 days until I get ready to head to Market for another may seem like a far ways off but the list will start.

As a Designer by trade it is somewhat of an occupational hazard for me not to think of how everything will look. Who doesn't like to buy something that looks nice?

This year I am going to try and go green. The task for today it decide on my packaging. I like to have everything wrapped up and ready to go. I have always done my own, design my labels, print them off, crop them, then put them on the bags of bagels or cookies...what ever it may be... this year I am going to try and source out  biodegrable bags that will already have my Logo right on it...

Will keep you posted on how I make out.

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